From the first consultation to the signing of your mortgage, my services are almost always without any fee for you, as the borrower. Sometimes there is an appraisal cost of approximately $300 charged by the banks to assess and approve your choice of property. Normally, the lenders competing for your business will pay a finders fee to my brokerage Dominion Lending Streamline.  It is free to apply & I would be happy to consult with you at no charge either in person, on the phone or by video messaging. 

A fee is charged only for the most challenging credit solutions, and it’s especially under those circumstances that a mortgage professional can do for you what your bank cannot. If you are needing to access an alternative lender that charges a fee typically it can be included in your amount borrowed and repaid along with the loan.

Mortgage agents and brokers have the ethical duty to ensure that the mortgage you are offered is “suitable” for you in the sense that it will not put you over a barrel – as they say in layman’s terms. Yes, we are ethically bound to work in your best interests. However, we must work within the law – and the laws are stringent. In this sense, we must consider the best interests of yourself, the borrower, while also working within the legal guidelines mandated to protect lenders from fraud. In this sense, it is somewhat of a duty to both yourself the borrower and also the lender.